Steering Rubber Bushing ointment or spray to refurbish

My VW Service people have informed me that my 2002 VW Jetta TDI Wagon needs to have the steering rubber bushings. The bushing are cracking and will eventually cause the alignment to fail. The cost is approximately $400 which includes a new alignment as well as the bushing replacements.

What ointment or spray will extend the life so that I can wait till this recession turns around?

What ointment or spray will extend the life of these bushings so I can

If the bushings are already cracked, you can’t reverse the damage that has been done.
Unfortunately, I know of no “miracle in a can” that will do what you want.

Why not price this repair job at an independent VW specialist?
Most communities have one, due to the unpleasantness and high prices at most VW dealer service departments.

I realize I CAN NOT reverse the damage, but I thought I could prevent it from getting worse until I can afford the replacement.

They have reconditioning sprays that can help fix the squeaks associated with dried body bushings and the like, but this is not appropriate for use on the steering parts.