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Steering column

All of a sudden I am hearing a quiet whoop, whoop, whoop everytime I turn my steering wheel either way. Could that be the bushings wearing out? If so, what must I do, if anything, and how much will it cost?

This could be a case of dry bushings in the steering column, or it could be a case of a bad clock spring in the hub of the steering wheel.

Dry bushings can be ignored, or they can be lubed with a spray lubricant.
A bad clock spring can lead to the driver’s side airbag not deploying, or inability to sound the horn, or an ability to use audio and cruise control buttons in the hub of the steering wheel.

Via cyberspace, I can’t tell you whether you have a bushing problem or a clock spring problem.

What will it cost to have the clock springs repaired?

Hmmm…On my previous car, it was replaced under warranty, so I am guessing when I estimate that it would probably cost ~$200 for parts and labor. I could be “off” to a significant extent with that estimate.

It is necessary to temporarily deactivate the driver’s side airbag for this repair, so I don’t recommend this as a DIY job unless you really know what you are doing.