2012 Volkswagen Beetle issues

Turbo oil is leaking, need to be replaced,control arm bushings need to be replaced every two years,

And? What are you asking from us?


Should have bought a Toyota Corolla instead. Then you wouldn’t have these problems.



Regarding the control arm bushings, who is making this diagnosis? It sounds very suspicious.

It’s 10 years old and a car is a wear item. As for the control arm bushings having to be replaced every 2 years that could depend a lot upon miles traveled and the type of road surfaces. It would have to be a pretty brutal road surface to take out bushings that soon; assuming the diagnosis is correct and you are not being robbed.

Alternatively, maybe there are other issues with the suspension which is exacerbating the control arm problem.

Check here before purchasing your next car, you’ll get some good idea what things are most important to consider if your goal is reliability and low cost to own. The control arms reference the wheels to the car’s body, and are part of what keep the wheels properly aligned to each other and the body; so anything that might jolt the wheels out of alignment would stress the bushings, like hitting potholes, sharp turns, rapid accelerations and stops. Minimizing those would help mitigate the need to replace the bushings as frequently.