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Steering problem

The steering wheel shifts almost slips in my hand on 30-45 degree curves at speed. Usually traveling at 30 mph or so. I was told hubs are rusted. Expensive repair. Have 160,000 miles on vehicle. Other repair fsailities have done some work under hood and problem goes away. Does not occur on all curves all the time. Have done all maintainance as required over the years. Before I invest in repair would like to know that the problem wii be fixed. Can be unnerving to have to adjust direction of vehicle to compensate for this shift. Usually I seem to have to correct in left hand curve. Would like to keep this vehicle for short hall and rough winter local driving. Has never been garaged. 4 wheel drive. ThankS

Giving The Tahoe’s Model-Year Could Possibly Help You Obtain Better Responses.


Thanks sorry about that. Was expecting a field for that with make and model. The tahoe is a 1999. Lt

Start with the basics. Have you checked the power steering fluid level? How does the fluid look & smell? It shouldn’t really smell like much at all and it should be nice and clean - maybe clear/maybe red/pink.

Your accessory belt and its whole system (tension & pulleys) also ought to be checked.

You need to specify “have done some work under the hood.” Flushing of the power steering fluid perhaps? Or work on belt system? On that note, “all maintenance as required” often doesn’t include power steering system service. What do you know - specifically - about power steering service history?

I have no idea how this comes from a rusty hub. I think that you have a ps system problem - leak & low fluid, failing pump, failing rack or something of that nature.

Fluid looks red dripping off dip. Looks brown on paper towel. Dosn’t smell much. Like I remember fluid smell whenn new. Level ok. Your comments and direction are appreciated clear concise excellent. I seem to recall now that my mechanic did mention something about adjusting the tension at some point. I would like to have it looked at again. Is there a permenabt fix to this? What should I tell the mechanic. I want a complete power steering service?. As you mentioned I do not think this was ever done. Again thanks for the advice. By the by should I be driving this in this condition. Seems consistant. When it occurs.