Steering noise

My wife’s 2005 Malibu Maxx has developed a noise and feel of a problem in what seems to be the steering mechanism. This is most noticeable when turning at low speeds ( parking lots, leaving a driveway etc. ) We have had it looked at by our mechanic whom we have had for years and trust fully. He has found nothing wrong with the vehicle but tells us that he has heard of similar problems that may just be inherent to the model itself. Has anyone any other information that may be helpful?

You’re going to need to try to actually describe the noise and “feel.” Giving folks the mileage would help too.

I believe there is a Technical Service Bulletin from Chevrolet on this. Something to do with the intermediate shaft in the steering column. Your mechanic should be able to look it up if he has Alldata or a similar program.

Does this model have hydraulic power steering, or it is one of the Malibus with electronic power steering?