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2008 Chrysler Pacifica Power Steering Problem

My 2008 Pacifica makes a low groan every time I make a right turn(never when I turn left). As would be the case, it never happens when I take it to the dealer. Any hints as to what is making the groaning noise and what the dealer should look for?

At last! Another Pacifica owner with groaning power steering. My 2007 does the same thing. I reported it to the dealer and they tried to fix it twice. The second time, they replaced the power steering hoses with an improved version. However, the groan was louder than before! I have been researching this problem since the car had 6000 miles and it now has a little over 30,000. My dealer said: “Chrysler engineers are aware of the problem and currently have no idea how to fix it.” I guess that means (We have spent as much money as we are going to to fix the problem) So, I guess I am up the creek and on my own. If you find out anything about a fix, please let me know. The groaning is driving us crazy but we really like the vehicle. This is the only problem we have had. I am going to try another dealer in town. I hope they have an idea of how to fix it. This is the only car I have ever owned that groaned like this. Even slight turning force produces the groan. It happens in parking lots (often) but it also happens when we turn right at corners. It does not happen because we are forcing the steering to its maximum. I can assure you, we steer with as light a touch as possible to try to avoid the noise.

The first time the dealer tried to fix the groan in my Pacifica, they put in more power steering fluid even though the fluid resevior did not read low. This did not reduce the groaning.

Hello. The last time I posted in April, I had given up on my dealer. I took the car to another dealer and they were relentless in trying to solve this issue even though I had not purchased the vehicle from them. They consulted with Chrysler and replaced just about every part in the front suspension. Unfortunately, none of these repairs made the groaning go away. The dealer brought a Chrysler engineer out from Detroit. The engineer did a computer audio analysis and concluded that an engine mount was to blame. He found another Pacifica in Arizona with the same problem. They replaced the engine mount on the Arizona vehicle and, so far, the repair has solved the problem. I have been told that they are going to replace the engine mount on my vehicle but they are actually building a new engine mount specifically for my Pacifica. I will let you know if it works. Kudos to Schlossman’s Dodge City in Brookfield Wisconsin!

Funny!!! I’ve had the same problem with my 07 since it was basically new. I thought a tire was rubbing somewhere. Usually only happens when we turn right, usually a right turn out on the street. We just had our PS pump replaced, and I thought that would do it, but my wife says the sound is louder than ever. I guess I’ll mention the engine mount next time I take it in th get an oil change. Thanks!!!

Hey there just wanna join this discussion despite of being late in time. I wanna say sorry for that. Anyway, im here to raise some Chrysler repair questions. Btw, im also an owner. Mine was a 07 Pacifica LX with 6k miles on it. At first im so proud of having it months long it had brought me some headaches for it produces as low groaning noise. I have noticed that the power steering was sometimes malfunctioning especially when I turn the wheel while I am standing still in the driveway. It happened that when the wheel was turned moderately - not because the wheel is being forced to the max. It doesn’t happen all the time when driving. It does not seem to be related to cold weather because it happens in a variety of temperatures. There is no noise on turns when the vehicle is rolling. I have not taken it to the dealer because I can’t reproduce the sound with regularity. Anyone here who knows what to do with my auto? please contact me thru this thread or just pm me on skype richard_yee64.