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Steering issues on Mazda 626

I recently replaced the Engine in my 2000 Mazda 626. Four days after doing so, I began having a problem with steering, only to find out that my Power steering pump went out, breaking the pully and throwing the belt. Luckily this was just as I was driving into my mechanic’s shop. So…the PS pump has been replaced and all is well. At least for 24 hours. This morning, I was driving down the road and saw the turn I needed to make, so I broke and turned the wheel 90 degrees to the right. All I can say is, it acted like my PS went out. As I gassed the engine, it became easier to steer. So, I tried my best to make it do it again, to no avail. On my way home, I turned to the left and low and behold, it acted like the PS went out. I am not sure what it is because I have checked the fluids and it is fine. I will add that my CV joints are going out on me. I am under the assumption that if the CV joints go out completely my car will just stop rolling on its own. So, I am thinking I can rule that out. What else could it be though?

Please help, guys. I am at a loss and not looking forward to going back to the mechanic anytime soon…

Loose P.S. Belt?

P.S. break - broke
brake - broke? braked

I checked the belt and it is fine…and yes…I mean that I braked and turned the wheel.

Check and see if the power steering pressure switch is faulty. This switch sends a signal to the computer to bump the engine speed up to compensate for the load the power steering pump imposses on the engine anytime the accelerator is released. Since the steering gets easier when you give a little gas when this happens could be that doing this is substituting for the defective power steering pressure switch.