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Steering column u-joint

if i wiggle steering wheel i can feel a slight rattle/looseness
i reach under dash and put my hand on u-joint and can feel the clicking there
the u-joint is attached to column which is splined and has pinch bolt
there are some threads at other sites that say you can loosen pinch bolt
and slide u-joint up the shaft a tiny bit and that will take the slack out of the u-joint?
the shaft has a notch for the pinch bolt. how can it possibly be moved?
moving it 1/8" means the notch in shaft is now not aligned for the pinch bolt?

It can’t. If you can feel the looseness, it needs to be replaced. The internet is wrong.

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my nox has electric boost steering. the motor is under the dash.
i went to boneyard and found 3-4 noxes. some had the motor gone
i wiggled 1 nox and it was loose. nox 2 was quiet. i took out shaft assy. not hard actually
its only $9. give it shot. my former vue also has same steering. found 1 vue with big wiggle
several were quiet. who knew i had other rigs with elec steering?
replaced my shaft. inspected knuckle. no looseness. i think my click noise is a bit better?
i can put my hand on ujoint and wiggle steering and still feel a click at joint.
its coming from the elec motor assy or maybe thru the column from the rack itself?
i have to fix this front end rattle. there is no way i cannot find the mechanical issue here