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02 chevy 1500 wont start

my ssgt. has an 02’ siverado, it will crank over fine, but it isnt firing up and there is no engine light on. im thinking its the fuel filter so;

1. how do i go about changing a fuel filter on an 02’ silverado 1500, with presurized feul lines

2. could it be anything else. like somepthing simpler that doesn’t require laying under the pickup and spraying fuel everywhere.

Before jumping on the fuel filter (in any case just let the fuel spray,its not a big deal),try spraying some carb cleaner in the intake (get it past the air filter) to see if the truck will run on what we call “prime”. This will tell you if the ignition is working.

Do you hear the pump run momentairly (about 2 seconds) when you turn the key to on? you should. If I had to bet on a fuel delivery problem I bet first on a electrical problem feeding the pump power,then the pump its self.

First check if you hear the pump run,then do the prime,if still no mementairy run,you need to diagnois the ignition,if it runs diagnois the electrical to the pump then do the filter (not likely) then the pump.

On crazy thing I saw was a sending unit that said there was gas in the tank but it really was empty. All that was needed to make it run was to put gas in it. I wondered why the customer did not think “I sure am going far and the needle isn’t moving”.

The filter has some plastic tabs you must squeeze (pain in the a** and you will need a 20mm open end wrench for the other side (really a 20mm and a 15mm or 14mm)

Any kind of 'security" light on steady or flashing (with key off)

Of course at some time you may want to give the fuses a look (both underhood and inside but I would bet more on a underhood if it is a fuse problem)

My bet is pump itself or out of gas.