Steering Column Cover/Shroud Issue

2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring

Took the steering column out to replace the coupler in the EPS. Put it back together, and there’s no clearance for the plastic cover on top. Here’s where the missing gap should be:

And here’s the cover that I tried to jam into place.

The notch is supposed to line up with the square turn signal casing. Not even close. As I said, I took the column out, I held onto parts in the middle of the column to carry it, I worked inside the EPS motor, but I have no idea how the steering wheel could have been pressed into the rest of the column. It makes zero sense.

When I run into that sort of problem with plastic parts that no longer fit together properly , usually the cause is that there is a tab on one part is supposed to insert into a slot in another part. I usually have to take everything apart and try again, sometimes first just figuring out how the plastic parts mate, leaving the rest of the stuff out temporarily.

Why don’t you just remove the steering wheel . . . ?

That should give you a lot more room to assemble the steering column shrouds properly

Was the steering wheel moved up or down while it was apart?

The lack of clearance is because the steering shaft dropped into the housing, did you remove a bearing snap-ring that you shouldn’t have?

It’s not about being able to put the shrouds on. I can force them into place. The problem is that I can’t drive, because the steering wheel can’t move.

No, I didn’t go near any snap-rings on the shaft. I never took the air bag out or removed the steering wheel. The only part I worked with was the eps motor- and I opened the eps section of the lower shaft, but that section is free floating (the male piece slides in and out of the upper female shaft) and has no bearing on the position of the upper shaft that holds the steering wheel.

No. Other than holding the outer column housing to carry it, placing it on my work bench and working on the eps motor, the steering wheel was untouched.

How about being pushed in or out? Some steering wheels can be adjusted that way too. They can sometimes get moved even when locked in position.

No telescopic feature on my model :frowning:

No experience with your car or EPS, but my guess , you are going to have to remove the steering wheel and air bag ass’y, then carefully adjust the clock spring ass’y, before reassembling.

I’m also seeing advice to not disassemble the EPS from the steering column when removing the steering column, suggesting reassembly may require stuff only a dealership shop has access to … TSB number 15-01-019-1 might prove helpful, ask for a copy at dealership or try googling for it.

A dealer only GDS is required if the EPS is replaced entirely or if you open the EPS and rotate one side too many times. I’ve been careful not to do that.