2012 Hyundai Elantra steering wheel going issues

I have a 2012 Elantra limited, and with-in the last year we have noticed a nose in the steering wheel. After research into the issue, I was able to find out how to fix it in the link below. Today, I finally built up enough courage to fix the steering wheel coupler but now my steering wheel is not centered. What can I do? Is this something that an alignment can fix? Also, in the video the lady mentions to lock the steering wheel. I was unable to get the steering wheel locked anf I am wondering if this might cause an issue


Shawn Haynes

The solution is to remove the part you replaced and re-position it correctly so the wheel is straight.


So I basically just replaced a bushing. I do not believe that is the problem. I think I messed at some other part during the reassembly. I was hoping someone can pinpoint where I messed up.

Before a steering shaft is disconnected, match marks should be placed on both shafts so that the steering shaft can be properly indexed during assembly.

Had you locked the steering before removing the steering column the steering wheel would be much closer in alignment.

A wheel alignment can re-center the steering wheel but the rack and pinion gear will be off-center.

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Thanks for responding! Is there a way to recenter the steering shaft without taking out the whole steering column again? Will trial and error be needed to recenter it? Or is it something a mechanic can easily fix?

Also, I am starting to question if keyless ignition systems have a steering wheel lock mechanism. I turned the wheel many times trying to get it to lock, and it didn’t lock.

I would not call the fix “trial-and-error”. If you start off with the wheels straight ahead, then you can reinstall the steering wheel, making sure that it too is straight ahead… If you disconnected it once, the second time will be easier.

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To recenter your wheel you will have to remove your a steering wheel with its mounting bracket (sorry man). Once you have the steering wheel detached from the column, put your keys onto the ignition, turn to the on position and position the wheel as needed.

Theo , do you not realize that the steering wheel has an Air Bag in it . That is not something the average person should mess with .

If everything’s plugged in where it’s supposed to be when you’re done I don’t see the problem

Another reason to restrain the steering wheel during disconnection is to prevent damage to the clock spring should it turn too far while disconnected from the lower shaft. I roped mine off to the shifter knob while replacing the wheel position sensor…

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Theo, did you read this part ?

It’s very difficult to turn the key when you don’t have one.

It’s all making sense now.

I agree, but when giving advice to people about messing with airbag-equipped steering wheels you should always mention that the battery needs to be disconnected a good amount of time before you remove the wheel, just in case. One of my shop manuals says 30 minutes, but I usually disconnect it the night before I’m going to work on the car. You do not want that airbag going off on you if something unexpected happens.


Thank you all for your comments. I did unplug the battery but I did not wait for 30 minutes. I will definitely do that if I go back in.

I tried this procedure again but it did not work. If you can, please go to section 12:03 of the video. It shows a cut out of where the steering knuckle with the U-joint is supposed to go. That cutout is supposed to force the steering wheel to be in alignment, or so I thought.

Can any of you tell me what I am missing?

I would have paid to get this done, but Hyundai was trying to charge me $1000 + to replace the whole steering column. Which I thought was robbery.

Park the car with the front wheels pointing straight ahead. This should put your rack in the center of travel. Undo the coupler and turn the steering wheel straight upright.Reconnect coupler. You should be fone.