Steering "catches" when warm

I have a 1998 honda accord v6 with 100K miles. The last couple of years the steering has play and “catches” sometimes, but usually at high speeds and never when cold. Both a dealership and a repair shop couldn’t find a problem. The fluid has been replaced. Any suggestions?

If the power steering pump isn’t working right, the steering will catch. That’s the simple solution from the old days. Now it could be the rack wearing out and probably something that I haven’t heard of yet. One thing is still true; there is still guesswork involved. Then there are siezed ball joints or tie rod ends. I forgot the other common thing. Loose or wet drive belt. You may have a serpentine belt that has become hard or too old.

Let me get this straight: You have excess play in the steering and it catches, but usually at high speeds. And you are continuing to drive it?? Sounds like a bad steering rack- and an accident waiting to happen.

Stop driving this car right now. This problem makes it unsafe. You probably need a new steering rack. Have you checked the power steering fluid?

Thank you for your replies and concern. The “catching” is subtle; I’m always able to “push” beyond it without very much force. It’s not a safety issue–yet. The maddening thing is that it’s intermittent. I took a drive the other day of 30 miles and the problem was apparent. Driving home the same day, over the same, level, dry road, there was absolutely no problem. I imagine mechanics think I’m nuts. I think I’ll have the belt looked at/replaced, and see what’s involved with swapping out the steering pump.