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Stay or fold

I recently bought a 2005 Ford Escape XLT 108k took it to my mechanic and it passed inspection the 2 days after buying it I had to take it in for transmission problems that turned out to be valves and seals. Now it has an “extensive” oil leak and it’s back in the shop. Thank God the dealership has a 30 day warranty. Should I just give up on this car and go for something else of just stick with it. PLEASE tell me what you think.

If the dealer will fix it for free and warranty the work, keep it. If not, return it and move on.

Sounds like you are lucky in that these problems turned up immediately while the car was still covered by the 30 day warranty. Many folks face similar problems but only after the warranty has expired. Overall this is a pretty solid vehicle and should be OK.

However if your confidence is shaken perhaps you should dump it in favor of another car. Would the dealer give you full credit if you return the car to them and buy something else off their lot?

It’s Too Early To Answer That.
You Need More Information Before You Go “All In”. I’d “Call”.

What kind of “dealership” is this ?
What are they planning to do, exactly, to repair the transmission ?
What, specifically, is the nature of the “extensive” oil leak ?
How, exactly, are they planning to remedy the leak ?

When will you know ?
When will you get the car back ?
What kind of warranty will you have on the repairs ?
Have they provided you a loaner vehicle ?