Starts / Doesn't start / Starts / Doesn't start (Fuel pump?)

My jeep starts fine…if it sits for about an hour. It’s been 100 degrees in Memphis and this is a new problem for the car. I had the battery replaced under direction of auto shop but still, if I turn the engine off, it will turn over but won’t start until it has set still for about an hour.

Oh… it’s a 1994. 2 liter. Manual.

The crank sensor is a common problem for those years. Check for ignition when the trouble occurs. I suspect you are having a problem with the ignition area.

Heat soak in the coil(s) are also a possibility.

Thanks for the feedback.
I talked with a local mechanic and he mentioned heat soak. I’d never heard of it, but it makes sense, considering the temperatures. What’s the fix for heat soak?? I haven’t done any research yet… I just kind of understand that an engine that’s been running will soak in its own heat when you turn off fans and coolant.