Starting woes

I have a 2009 Toyota highlander. The car will start, then immediately die. The car will start and stay running after the second or third attempt. Bought the car about 3 months ago. Never had this problem until recently. Issue seems to be worse when car is warmed up.

Turn the key to “on”, but not far enough to engage the ignition. Let it sit in that position for 10 seconds and then turn it off. Do this three times, then start the truck. If it works, you have a fuel pump problem and need to replace it.

Why would you do that when the fuel pump only runs for a second or two and then shuts off?


Ok. You are a mechanic and know more than me. My time doesn’t hurt anything and yours is more efficient.


10 seconds is long enough for the fuel to bleed back into the gas tank.


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I followed jtsanders directions and the car started. So that means I need a fuel pump?

It could mean you need a fuel pump but it could be that your fuel injectors are leaking and letting the fuel pressure drain off quickly. The fact that it get worse after the engine is hot makes me think of a third possibility, you could have a dirty throttle body.