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2003 Toyota Highlander 4 cylinder won't stay running

This past summer on humid days I would occasionally have problems with the car idling. Usually after filling the gas tank. Had the car towed into dealership twice but no codes and it never acted up for them. Once the season changed and got colder I have not have any more significant problems. Occasionally the car would act like it was going to die after start up but if you gave it gas for a few seconds it was ok to put it in drive. Last weekend in Cleveland (very cold) I started experiencing more problems with the idling (note the car starts but you have to keep your foot on the gas or it will die). Took it to a private mechanic and he has spent the last 4 days scratching his head. Again computer shows no problem. He has cleaned the choke and throttle and cleaned spark plugs. All parts look fine. He’s checked the IAC and the mass air censor. He has checked his “expensive” computer program and cannot find any other answers. He’s talked to his buddy that knows Toyotas. Help is needed. Thank you.

I’m guessing you got bad gas from a station, maybe your fuel pump is ready to die, or maybe you put the car in gear right after you turn the key. I have a chevy prizm , and it’s got a toyota motor, toyota transmission. I used to put the car in gear instantly after turning the key, and after three years of this I had to replace coil packs, and spark plugs, and a oxygen sensor, and other things, it was aroung $1,500. ouch! I learned to wait maybe about 5 seconds now, the car doesn’t lurch forward anymore. and I originally thought it was a bad motor mount. But that’s why i call myself tommy pickles, because I’m a novice with cars, yet I do know some things. good luck.

if it is bad gas, and i hope it is , you’ll just have to let run it’s course, and deal with the car running rough, like it wants to die. A firestone dealership in brookfield, wisconsin told me they’d replace the coil packs, the spark plugs, and other things, when all it needed was a tune-up and to stay off the freeway until the bad gas had run out of the system. I don’t advise firestone, they don’t know a tail light from a brake light.

because they had to ask me where it was.

It’s not bad gas unless all of Ohio has the same bad gas. It’s been happening for months now intermittently. I would have thought that if the fuel pump was going to die that it would have done it by now. It started acting up in July. Thanks though.