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Starting problems old pickup

i have an old toyota pick up. I have problems starting it especally if it has not run in a few days. it starts eventually, first try it just does the normal car starting sound but the engine does not respond. second and third times you can start to hear the engine work (i think it is when they say the engine turns over, but im not sure). then eventually it starts. if i give her a little gas it dies imediately. then i try again and it ussually works fine. seems to work better if i give her a little time in between trys. any ideas on what this is? my ideas are gas pump, distributor, i dont think it is the battery, but could it be?

What year model? Is it fuel injected or carburated?

1979, carburated

I guess you have problem with the fuel delivery. It isn’t the battery because the car turns over. It isn’t ignition or timing because the car starts after a few tries, but won’t stay running. It doesn’t want to start after it has been idle for a long time and then it takes several short attempts to get the car running and stable. All of that tells me that, aside from a sensor issue, you have trouble getting fuel to the cylinders.
See what happens if you just start the car every day for a few minutes. See if that makes a difference, and come back.

I had a 79 with Aisin carb. The accelerator pump diaphragm may be dried out, so you don’t get a spray of gas when you push the pedal down. The choke might not be closing when you do the same. The choke pull-off may not be working, so when it starts and then quits it’s because it’s too rich. There is also a pesky AAP (Auxiliary Accelerator Pump) diaphragm that, if leaking, causes a very rich mixture.

Start by taking the cover off the air cleaner, engine cold. Look down the carb throat. Hold the choke plate open. When you work the accelerator linkage to simulate flooring it, does it give a spray of fuel? When you let go of the choke plate, does it close most of the way?