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Starting Problem

02 Chevy Impala with 177,000 miles has re-starting problems for last 20,000 miles.

New Battery, cleaned throttle plate, new fuel pump, check engine light on (emission problem was told to me by mechanic).

Whats going on?

I Take It That You Say “Restarting Problems” Rather Than “Starting Problems” Because The Starting Problems Occur When The Vehicle Is Warm, After Running, And Not When Cold.
Is This Correct ?

When the vehicle is running, is it running well ?
What do you have to do get it started when you experience starting difficulty ?
Does it crank, but not fire up (start and run) or does it refuse to crank over ?


When the car runs it runs very well…to get the car started, just wait, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes longer than an hour. All the time periodically cranking the engine…just does not start. But when it does start, it runs very well.

yes that is correct. This problems occurs only after the car has started and is warm. Let it sit for a while then restarting the problem occurs.