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Starting problem

When you turn the key in the ingition, the dash lights come on and other electrical things work, but the car does not start on the first couple tries. After a few times, the engine turns over. Any idea what is wrong?

Is the starter turning the engine over every time? If not, try shifting to neutral if you have an automatic transmission and see if the engine starts. That would be a neutral safety switch problem if it starts. If the starter turns the engine over each time and does not start then just turn the ignition switch to run and wait for 10 seconds. If the engine starts have the fuel pressure tested and the fuel filter checked.

Thanks for your response. The engine does not turn over until it actually starts. Some times it starts immediately.
There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to how many tries it takes. Didn’t have any problem this morning. I just tried it and it does start in neutral.