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Starting problem 2014 Honda Accord

Thanks for adding me. I have 2014 Honda Accord V6 turbo touring with starting problems. When I hooked the battery up and go to start the engine I get a couple of clicks and then the entire electrical system shuts down like the battery has died. This car eats batteries I have been through five batteries this year. I checked the starter and the battery and both showed to work though the battery tested as being in the last quarter of its life. this is one of those push button models that I absolutely hate. I am a mechanic but I am not a Certified mechanic. From everything I can find online these vehicles had a lot of electrical starting problems. This latest problem started 2 weeks ago the night before we left on vacation. I pulled the battery out of the car and took the battery out of my pickup and put in it. We had a great vacation with no problems from the automobile. Friday afternoon my wife leaves to go to work and the car will not start. I tried to jump the car off nothing. I put my battery charger on the vehicle and then I had it charge overnight. When I tried it again and it still would only click a few times and then the entire electrical part of the car would die. I checked the voltage on the battery with my meter and it showed to have 12. 8 dcv. I put my battery charger on the battery and set it at 50 amps after probably 30 minutes for the vehicle cranked but because both the battery and alternator were sending voltage to the battery I caught a battery charging code. I will be installing a 700 plus cold cranking battery on Friday but I was wondering if anyone had problems like this? If you have What were they and how did you remedy the the situation. This is very important because I have a special needs daughter who cannot get hot or cold and that was one of the reasons I bought my wife this car. Thank you in advance for your most valuable time!
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There is a recall for the starter motor concerning your car.

is the car a hybrid model? honda does not make a turbo 6

It’s a 2014 Honda Accord Touring V-6 turbo. Runs like a bat out of hell! Almost 400 ponys. I fixed the problem. Just for info these cars have such a high-power demand that you must have over 650 cold cranking amp battery or computer won’t recognize it’s getting enough power and will not allow the vehicle to start. I put way too many cold cranking amps into it and fix the problem$200 later!!! Blaaaaaahhhhaaaa

The problem was the battery. After she investigate I found a Honda Certified mechanic. These cars pull so much power that they need at least 650 cold cranking amp battery to work. It doesn’t have proper cold cranking amperage computer will not allow it to proceed to start.$200 in Dundee Norma’s cold cranking amp battery later it’s fix. Thank you for the recall info.