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2014 Honda Accord - Needs a starter

I am having problem with my car not starting I have purchase a new battery and replaced the alternate and now they say I need a starter

Who’s they? Sounds to me like amateur diagnoses.

What are the symptoms the car has presented? What changes, if any, with new battery and new alternator?

Are you sure the parts have been replaced and with known good ones?


It sounds rather soon, based on my professional experience

I sure hope it was a proper diagnosis and not just some young parts changer’s wild guess

A proper diagnosis will include using a dmm, in my opinion

I have no problems with the fact a 4 year old car . . . probably closer to 5 years by now . . . needed a new battery

But it’s also rather soon for an alternator

I’m with @shanonia on this one . . . I question the diagnosis


You probably need a new starter.

Honda has issued a Technical Service Bulletin 16-002, for 2013-2014-2015 Accords with this problem.