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Starting mySAAB 2001 93 convertible

Battery has been checked and appears ok. Same for the Alternator. Still, periodically, my car will not start. When this happens there is no clicking sound. It just is dead though radio works, etc. Sometimes putting the switch in on position and moving the gear shift up and down unlocks whatever is wrong and the car then will strat when I put it in park. Other times, getting in and out of the car, maybe locking and unlocking seems to help. Sometimes, just letting it sit and trying again later works??? I can’t find a consistent solution. It is almost like there is a short or something is locking up the elctrical system/starter system.

Try putting it in neutral and starting it when this happens.

Your neutral Safety Switch might be the problem.

does the key have a black circle on it (key coded) if so i would have that chacked to make sure its reading it correct.

NO black cirlce but the battery for the remote is dead and needs replacing (ie the elctric locks on the key do not work)

That’s actually what I was tryingto do when I first played with the gear shift. This does not always work.