Impala doesn't want to start

My 2000 Chevrolet Impala doesn’t want to start unless I tap on the throttle under the hood–battery seems okay, as the heater, radio, lights work, but starter won’t even click unless I do this. Know why?

Try starting it in neutral and/or wiggling the shifter when you start it. I think your neutral safety switch may be going bad.

Hello, I have a 2002 Impala and it is driving me crazy. I love the car but it is getting scary. For the past several months now, I can try to start my car and it won’t do anything. Everything works air, radio, windows but it won’t just won’t start. I have to wait about 5 to 10 minutes and then it will crank right up. I get a “SECURITY” message in the message box. I was told by a chevy mechanic at a dealership over the phone that it would cost me about $450.00 to fix it. Then I call another dealership and he stated that unless the message was on then there is no way to tell what it is.

What were they going to do for the $450? Does this happen when the engine is cold? Hot? How old is the battery?

Terriadams5106…Looks like you need to make a new topic so that we can offer you advice without it getting confused with the original posters question… You are asking your own car question in the middle of some one else s Car question topic.

ANY-WHO…SUSAN… You open the hood and tap on what? DO you mean you tap on the accelerator when you are in the vehicle? I’m a bit confused on what you are actually doing here…please elaborate for us…

Are you saying that the starter does nothing until you lift the hood and begin tapping around? Then it tries to engage the starter and turn the engine over? Then it starts and runs fine after this? We need a FULL DETAILED description of your issue and what you are doing to get around the prob please…It will be much easier to help you that way…