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Starting Issue for Vintage Honda Z600 Coupe


I have a 71 Z600 that is in pretty decent shape. Sometimes when I go to start it absolutely nothing happens. I turn the key and silence. The radio will work and the dash board lights also come on, but the engine doesn’t make a sound or attempt to turn over. Can you tell me what may be wrong?

Additional information: Once when it did this, I accidentally left the key in the on/start position (it doesn’t spring back as it should) and a few minutes later the car just started turning over. One other afternoon while I was driving the car, it just quit. when I tried to re-start it, again, turning the key did absolely nothing. Luckily I was just down the block and could push the car home. it’s pretty lite. Thanks


Atlanta, GA

Age plays havoc with elecrtical connections.
Even so far as what your eyes would not call corrosion can be a non transmitting contact point. ( re; my 78 Granada. Opened the hood and looked at the battery cables and ruled them out by sight…but…)
It could be a simple as to disassemble, clean, and reassemble every wire and cable connection associated with running the starter. Loosen and tighten every screw that holds a wire to ground. Battery cable, solenoid, and other plugged connections need cleaned. At the battery , at the starter, and at the ingnition switch.
Then it could be deeper as in the ignition switch or in the starter.

You have a 39 year old wiring harness. Anything is possible. The only way to find the source of the problem is with a schematic and a multimeter. You could get lucky and find the problem by manually flexing the harness when it’s acting up, but I’d be inclined to want to disconnect the battery and do continuity and resistance-to-ground tests through out the harness that contains the atsrting circuits. Remember to test any starting circuit relays for not only operation but also for contact resistance. And don’t forget to check the fusible link.

Cool car, by the way. I love those teeny tiny Hondas of old. They bring back memories of what true economy cars used to be.

You don’t need a new starter, the starter won’t make your car stall you need to clean battery cables at both ends, paying particular attention to the ground connections. Clean all ignition wiring and run continuity and resistance tests.