Starting '05 Camry - 4 cyl

Hi guys…My '05 Camry- (4cyl )revs up to 2K (even 22 hundred at times) when I start it. Though it’s only for a few seconds I would like to lower it to 11 or 12 hundred RPM…I have cleaned the Plenum…Some one suggested unplugging the coolant temp sensor (which I did) but no change. The A/C is off when starting. After the engine is warm 10-20 minutes it starts at 11 hundred. i live in 75 degree weather. What about unplugging the Idle Air Control, TPS Sensor, or Throttle Pedal Sensor ? My older Camrys (90 and 2000) never did this…whatta ya reckon ? should I not be concerned ? Tah


Check engine light on?

Stored codes?

I’m not entirely sure there is even a problem, as it only stays at 2K for a few seconds . . .

I don’t recommend unplugging anything. That will definitely set a DTC

No check engine light and I don’t know how to look for codes . can you tell me what DTC is ? I wonder why this newer camry revs so high…just seems like it would cause premature wear

@mxsurf alright, I’ll come out and say it

If you pursue this, you’re going to spend a lot of time, and it may very well be nothing

FYI . . . DTC means trouble code

You need a scan tool or a code reader to check for any possible fault codes

To be perfectly honest, I would just drive the car and let it be

Did you just buy this car?

A lot of cars do this. This is not something to worry about. All cars inject a little gas at the beginning of the start cycle. There are no inputs to control the amount of gas needed so it is just an initial setting. As soon as the engine starts and the computer gets information, it adjusts the idle as needed. Don’t unplug anything or you will deny the computer the information it needs to control the idle.

BTW DTC means Diagnostic Trouble Code, aka “code”. You need a code reader but many autoparts stores will read the codes for free.