Camry start revs way too high

          hi guys....When I  start my '05 Camry (4 cyl - SE) it revs up to 2K, though only briefly. I don't like to go over 1,000 rpm until it's warmed up.Toyota dealer says that's normal ...Would it hurt to try it with the cold start (water temp) sensor unplugged ?........tah,  Mike

No it won’t hurt. But why not just put a meter on the temp sensor and measure its resistance to see if it behaves according to specs? Digital multimeters are pretty cheap and terribly handy for lots of things. Or borrow one.

How long does stay at 2K rpm? Is this a new thing or did you just get the car? You absolutely do not need to take this to a dealer. Its just a car and most of it works by the exact same principles as every other car.

If the high idle does go on for a while and it is a new issue, clean your idle air control valve and throttle body.

Thanks Cig, The rpm drops down after a few seconds. It’s been doing this since we bought it used 2 yrs ago. I have only used a multimeter for very basic stuff like power to brake bulbs, etc. Also I haven’t bought a Chiltons yet for this car . can I get the resistance specs online? could it be the Idle Air Control ?..thanks for y’allls help… (no, I’m in Honolulu)…Mike