Starter problems with 2000 Buick Regal

My car sometimes will abruptly stop (in traffic!)but I can restart it almost immediately. Recently, I had a new starter installed but that didn’t solve the problem. My mechanic now thinks the problem may be related to my remote starter which was installed at least 4 years ago and, until recently, had no problems. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Um, the starter has nothing to do with stalling, so it’s not surprising that replacing it didn’t help.

It’s possible that the connections for the remote starter are failing if they weren’t soldered, so the mechanic may be on to something. Is there any pattern to the stalling?

Try disconnecting the remote starter for a while and see if the stalling goes away.

If it still stalls (abruptly? as in NO spark?) there may be an ignition system fault you’ll have to track down.

Any codes? Does the CEL or SES light come on?

fist thing if engine was already running the starter can not stop the engine the only thing the starter could do is engage and you hear it hittng the fly wheel. any studden stops would be caused from three problems loss of electic, or feul, or air… if is a daily driver and being a 2000 lets say about 85,000 miles my thought,s fuel pump shuts down, do you run with less then 1/4 tank of gas alot.this will shorten pump life do to losing suction of gas on hills over heats pump. have mag pick up on front of cam checked. base plate and coils. most of the time only one coil go,s bad unless the base shorts out. as for remote starter disconnect it. when did you change gas filter last. a dirtly filter
should not cause a sudden stop but a loss of power fist

While I would not be surprised if the remote starter is causing the problem. Even the OE ones cause problems and the after market stuff is really flaky. But there is not enough information to say yet.

I suggest that if your mechanic replaced the starter because it stalled in traffic, you need a new mechanic.