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Dilemma: Demonic 2009 Jeep GC starting problems. Starter, Ignition, Remote Start?

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that is possessed by the devil.

A year ago, I had what I thought was a bad starter, so I had it replaced. It would crank like normal but when you released the key it would keep right on cranking until you turned the key to the off position. I really sounded like it was catching but the starter would not disengage to let it run normally. The problem began intermittently and then was happening a lot so I had the repair.

All seemed good for months. Then I would get isolated occurrences of the same thing. Turn to off and back on and it would immediately start correctly though. About a month ago it became frequent again so I took it back to the shop that replaced the starter.

They replaced the starter again, but this time the problem came back immediately. I took it back to the shop and of course it will not repeat this problem for them, and they have had it a couple of days to try it multiple times. I do have a video of this occurring though, just so no one thinks I am crazy. Here is a link as the video is 80Mb.

Any opinions as to what the issue is? the three possibilities I have read so far are: Starter, Ignition, Remote Start. The remote start BTW was in the car when I bought it and has never worked for me.

Thanks in advance.

Is this an aftermarket remote starter? If so, those are notorious for causing issues, so I’d investigate what it would cost to rip that out and put the wiring back to the factory original layout (as much as possible).

On the other hand, the ignition switch is also a reasonable possibility here. Unfortunately, ignition switch problems sometimes cause fires, so I’d try to get this solved as quickly as possible.

Finally, did anyone test or replace the starter relay?

If two starters were replaced it tells me it’s not the starter.

The starter has what is called an over running clutch.

This clutch forces the starter gear to disengage once the engine reaches a certain RPM. And this should force the contacts in the starter solenoid to open stopping the starter from operating.

So it sounds like something in the circuit is keeping the starter solenoid energized preventing the starter from disengaging.

A cheap thing to try is replace the starter relay to see if that fixes it.

Then the next thing would be the ignition switch.

Intermittent electrical problems are one of the hardest things to diagnose on a vehicle.

The vehicle has to be in front of you when the problem occurs.


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The starter is performing as it should. The starter is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module, you need only tap the ignition into the start position and release. The PCM actuates the starter and releases after the engine reaches 400 RPMs. If the engine fails to start the PCM/starter engagement will time out after 10 seconds.

Your engine is failing to start because of a different problem, perhaps lack of fuel pressure. You will need to leave the vehicle with someone who can diagnose this properly.

No experience w/Jeeps, I expect Nevada is spot on. But fyi anyway, my Corolla acted like that one time and it was b/c the ignition switch was sticking and continuing to power up the starter solenoid even when I released the key from “start” to “run”. Very annoying. (The reason for this was b/c I had rigged up another of my screw-ball ignition switch work-a-round experiments at the time, but that’s another story.) It’s easy to tell if that’s the problem tho, just measure the voltage at the starter solenoid. Whether the engine is running or not, the starter will remain engaged if the solenoid is powered up.

If this car caught fire and burned to the ground it would be a top 15 happiest day of my life.
I love the car, but Chrysler and Jeep can KMA. The disregard for quality is shameful. I’ve spent $2000+ keeping this running the last 3 years.

I feel your pain. I had a 1997 Grand Cherokee that was in the shop 52 times in the eight years that I had it, if I remember the number correctly.

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The same number of cards in a playing deck. Does that mean owning a Jeep is bit of a gamble? … lol …



“Does that mean owning a Jeep is bit of a gamble? … lol …”

I think it means that somebody playing with a full deck recognizes being dealt a bad hand when it occurs and knows when to fold 'em.


Well you know the story, spend a wad of money and then feel like you have to drive it awhile longer to “get your moneys worth.” Yep, that old chestnut.

I also had a '92 Ford Explorer that was famous for this behavior, but after a bit it did settle down and my daughter drove it about five more years without incident. I wish I could count on that happening here!