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2000 Buick Regal Stalling

2000 Buick Regal
54,000 miles
3.8 V6, Vin K

The engine quits running. Idle, part throttle, moving, stopped, open or closed loop doesn’t matter. Sometimes it will re-fire immediately, other times it may take a dozen or more attempts.

There is no MIL, and my TECH 2 is finding no issues.

Any ideas?

The next time the engine stalls, check for spark.

If there is no spark, the problem might be with the crankshaft position sensor.


Wouldn’t that set a code?

@Sam Axe

Not necessarily

I’d say probably 1/2 of the bad crankshaft position sensors I’ve replaced over the years did NOT generate any sort of code

Lack of a code and/or fault indicator lamp does not guarantee everything is okay

I would have to agree with @db4690. He is pointing out a common failure on these Vee-Hickles… I would look into his suggestion. Would also have to agree about his advice on codes…sometimes codes are helpful but there are some instances where you have no code to go by…Both @db4690 and Myself have wrestled with the “Code or No Code” type of engine problems. Dont rely on those codes too strongly…some failures are outside the ECU’s ability to report upon…even when you think there should be a code for something…


Also, fuel pump or battery cables.

The last bad crankshaft position sensor I replaced had several MEGAOHMS of resistance . . . and the car was stalling and/or not starting several times a day

Yet never any fault codes


Yup… @knfenimore makes another Non Code suggestion to look into…of course…

Sometimes when advising on troubleshooting I forget to mention all the little things I Very Rapidly check for when Im looking for an issue… @knfenimore reminded me of this with his suggestions…those things I would check for almost without knowing it… I have to remember to say what I would do…rather than just assume the OP will check for these things… LOL… I have to slow down and spell it out…I need to remember to do this… Sorry…


I had a VW Rabbit that would stop running like that w/no warning and for no apparent reason. Turned out to be the fuel pump relay. One clue to a fuel related problem is that when you are able to restart, it takes quite a bit of cranking before it catches & runs. That’s b/c it has to build up the fuel pressure again, after it was depleted by the fuel pump stop working. A fuel pressure test would quickly determine this, yay/nay.