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Starter/Electrical problems 1999 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 v8 4x4

G morning guys and gals… My 99 jeep grand Cherokee 4.7 will not start after 2 to 3 short trips. it starts up fine in the morning when the engine is cold but driving for a while while and I stop somewhere and shut the engine down for a few minutes it will not restart… after I wait 10 to 15 min it start up ok… Next when I’m driving on the highway, after 10-20 mins of driving, the engine stalls for 5-10 secs. and fires back up…I inspected all connections and the starter which were ok but I did find that the starter is soaked with oil dripping from the valve covers… Could the oil be the problem…? Even causing the stalling out on the highway…? Thanx for any comments…

You may want to see if the car stored codes related to it. Pepboys/autozone will read them for free. Don’t let them touch your car, though.

Crank sensors can become temperature sensitive and you won’t get proper spark when it warms up. It could be that.
It could also be a temperature sensor that thinks the car is cold when it is warm so you get a bad fuel/air mixture.

@dallastxrodd the spilled oil couldn’t cause stalling.
You should get those valve cover gaskets replaced, to save the starter.
Somebody should hook up a fuel pressure gauge and make sure everything’s fine there.
You should also clean the throttle body, just to rule it out.