Starter and Battery


Just posted a question a few days ago regarding my starter. It grinds before it starts. (94 Chev S-10, 130,000 miles). This morning the battery light came on when I started the car and it revved very high and stayed that way until I drove about a block away. On the freeway a minute later the speedometer said I was going 85-90mph when I was actually going about 60. After a couple of minutes everything was back to normal. Are the starter and battery problems related?


It sounds to me like a number of unrelated problems. First you ought to check out the electrical systems. that is, the charging system. You may have a good battery but a flaky alternator. There are a number of auto parts stores, such as AutoZone and Advance Auto, that will test your alternator and battery for free. That’s the place to start. Also, if your check engine light is lit, they will read the diagnostic code(s). Report here with your results.


The battery light came on but just for a minute then flickered on and off for a few miles then turned off. The check engine light did not turn on.


The check engine light did not turn on.

It is possible to have codes even if the light is not on. Since those places will do the check and test for free, it is a good idea to have it done.