Start up noise

I have a 2008 Honda Accord. When I start the engine I hear a muted clacking sound not a whoosh like air and then it disappears after a few moments. This does not happen after I drive the car to the and park it for less than a 3 hours but if parked longer it occurs again. Any thoughts?

I PRAY its not oil starvation… Checked the oil lately? Hondas should not “Clack” especially an 08 Accord.


Had a tensioner go out that sounded amazingly similar to no oil and valve chatter. Check it out sooner than later! after checking oil as Honda says.

A mechanic might could use a car-engine stethoscope to narrow down where the sound is coming from. Clacking is something to be concerned about and shouldn’t be ignored. It might be a fixable problem at this point, but if left to run its course, could become very expensive.

I would try a different brand of oil filter. Some filters have a pretty poor “anti-drainback” valve so the engine gets little to no oil pressure until the pump fills up the filter first. The cheap Fram filters are the worst IMHO. I had these symptoms with a car I had and switching from the cheap filter installed by the shop that changed my oil to a Wix eliminated the problem.