Start but does not accelerate

Im using polo 6 1.4 it does not accelerate checked throttle body is working 100% ,sometimes when i start it everything its normal revs normally but recently is giving problems it does not please help

To my knowledge the Polo isn’t sold in the US so you may not get many answers. If the car runs but doesn’t move there’s probably a problem with the transmission. How many miles are on it and when was the last time you changed the fluid, assuming it has an automatic transmission?

Are you saying that it doesn’t rev when you press the accelerator pedal when this happens?

I’ll guess that this is a fourth generation type 6, produced between 2002 and 2009. There were both gasoline and diesel 1.4L engines. Which do you have? We do have a few European folks show up. It would help if you provide the model year and miles or kilometers on the odometer.

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