Is there a difference in worth of a 394 and 394.1 engine on a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire? I have a 394.1 that I am thinking about restoring if it is going to be worth the money

I’m trying to understand your question. It seems like you’re asking if you should restore a 394.1 ci engine down to a 394 ci engine. (Not sure how one does that.) Is that correct?

Are you implying that Oldsmobile manufactured two different engines that year (one a 394 ci and the other a 394.1 ci)?

It’s difficult to answer your “is it worth the money” question without knowing the context of the restoration. However, any restoration you do on a 48 year old car will likely never be a money maker. If you’re not doing it for your love of restoring cars, think hard about why you’re doing it.

Ok, to clarify… It is a 394.1 engine. I am told that this is a significant engine, and it is only one of a couple hundred made for transition to stock car racing. I dont know anything about it, or if it is worth more because of the 394.1 designation. Thanks for all the help.

You may want to post your question here:

You could advertise it there, it might be worth more to someone untouched. But you may need to be lucky to find one of the small group of Olds fanatics that would want one, and be willing to pay you for it. ‘rare’ does not alway equal ‘valuable’.