Standard Trans to Automatic -- Conversion

Is it feasible (not too expensive)to change a standard transmission to an automatic in a 2002 Nissan Truck? The truck is paid off and we like it, but we’re tired of using the clutch!

It is not a good idea.

Thanks . . . may I ask why?

It’s more feasible just to trade trucks…There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, like changing the rear end because the axle ratio will be different…There are people willing to pay a premium for a stick shift truck…

Why?? You will need a different ECM to make the engine happy. A different radiator to accommodate the transmissions cooling lines. Perhaps a different drive shaft to match the new configuration, speedometer and odometer may be way off, installing the shift linkage sounds simple but it isn’t, especially if you don’t have it…You would need a parts truck to even attempt it…

Additionally, it is very likely that the ECM would have to be changed.

Even if you decide to spend the BIG bucks required to buy all of the parts and have them installed, there is still a very real chance that it will never operate as well as a truck that came equipped with an automatic trans in the first place.

Spending this much money on a 7 year old vehicle just makes very little sense, IMHO.

Thanks – I appreciate and now better understand the complexities! Never thought about trading trucks! Great information!