Switching from Manual to Automatic



I bought a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GTS and it’s a manual because I wanted one… but it turns out I have panic attacks every time I drive it. Now it just sits in the driveway.

For my health my mother suggested that I try and get the manual transmission changed to an automatic but I’m not sure how much it’d cost or if it’s even possible. Does anyone know how much it’d be or if it’s even worth it?


I would suggest selling it and buying an automatic version of the same car, assuming you like it well enough. You might lose a little in the transaction, but nowhere near as much as the cost of replacing the manual trans with an automatic. Used '03 Mits Spyders with auto trans and reasonable mileage run in the $14K-$16K range, retail.


Take the car to a car dealer who has another of the same model in automatic and trade it in. This can be done in a matter of a few hours.


Forget switching the transmission. It would be simpler and less expensive to trade the car for one with an automatic. Either that or learn to live with it.

There are too many other things that would have to be changed with the transmission. It’s not worth the money or the effort.

What is it about the manual that causes you to panic?


Do you have a friend or a relative that normaly drives a manual? Get them to take you to an empty parking lot and then have them sit in the passenger seat while you drive the car. Its going to take a few times to get the hang of it but its not that hard to learn. We learned on a B210 many years ago. Had a few lessons then took the car home stalling it on the way many times and 20 plus years later we are still driving a manual though we miss our Stralia.


You cannot readily change a manual transmission to an automatic. Sure, it can be done. Not by trying to plunk a magic twanger but by pushing a mountain of money at a mechanic. 'Taint worth it.

As others have said, either learn or trade.


Keep the car, spend a few bucks on advanced driving lessons and lose the panic attacks!


I think you can learn to drive a manual transmission and once you get over your anxiety, you will really like driving you Mitsubishi. My son thought he would never be able to drive a manual transmission. He married a woman who owned a 5 speed Mustang. He learned how to drive it and shifts like a pro. His wife has back problems, so she started driving the car he owned which was an automatic. They now have a minivan and the Mustang. With his wife’s back problems, she drives the minivan and he drives the Mustang. I think he drives the Mustang in preferance to the minivan. Don’t give up on yourself.


Spend the money on a psychologist to get over the panic attacts…it’ll be a LOT cheaper.