Possesed cherokee sport?

So I’ve got a 2000 cherokee sport, automatic with the 4.0 and 4x4. To begin with, it has trouble idling some times. Maybe 2-3 a week. Now when it does this i have to keep my foot in the throttle to keep it from dying on me. No idea whats wrong went through the fuel system and nothing wrong. Another thing that happens to this jeep of mine is that it will die at random with no hope of stopping it from happening. once that happens it usually takes anywhere between 10-45 minutes for it to start back up again. Or it just wont start flat out once parked for any amount of time. Now when it does this their is no electrical power what so ever. No internal lights. Not turning over. Not even a sulenoid click, its as if i dont have a battery in it. Some times it will let some power come though when its close to wanting to be started again. Funny thing is on the day any of this happens (some times with ins seconds) or the next i start it. It makes a whistle sound. Not loud, but just barely noticable. Myself, my brother and dad havent figured this crazy jeep out yet, just looking for any ideas for whats wrong.

Your first problem might be with the Idle Air Control valve.


Then IAC valve allows the engine to idle anytime the accelerator is released.

Your second problem might be caused from poor battery connections at the battery.


Did the 2000 models still use fusible links? A corroded power connection or partially fried fusible link sounds like a primary suspect.