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My car stalls after slowing down and making a turn. It dosen’t do it in city driving. When hooked up to mechanic’s computer, nothing registeres. Fuel pump replaced two years ago.

“nothing registers”

Do you mean they don’t get any CELs?

Not sure what CELs are but they said thst the computer didn’t even recognize that it stalled

What Model Year Is The Vehicle ? How Many Miles On It ? When Was The Last Tune-Up ? Do You Know Which Engine The Car Has ? Is It The 2.0L “SPI” Engine ?


2002 Focus zts. It has 60,000 miles on it. I cant remember the last time it was tuned up and I don’t know what type of enginge it has

A Tune Up Is Probably In Order. Spark Plug Replacement Should Be Part Of That (It’s Not Good To Leave Them In For A Long Time, Anyhow) As Well As Fuel And Air Filters, Etcetera.

I’m surprised the mechanic didn’t recommend this. Although 60,000 miles is low mileage, the car is now 8 to 9 years old.

While you’re at it you can have somebody identify the engine for you. There were special issues concerning stalling that involved only the Focus 2.0L SPI engine of this era.