Stalling with recent fueling

I recently replaced my fuel pump on a 2001 Ford Focus after it stalled. Since then it’s stalled twice after fueling. All other times it’s fine and battery is fairly new and tested fine. First stall all the warning lights came on. Second time just the battery light flickered.

Both of recent stalls were brief and I was able to restart and get to my destination. The car does have 100,000 miles on it.


Did you replace the fuel filter at the same time?

Test the entire charging system since you battery light flashes.You need a lot of troubleshooting skill and a good mechanic to test this with proper equipment.

Do you mean it starts ok, idles briefly or maybe you can even drive it a minute or so, then it balks & stalls? But it starts up right away again? If so that could be a problem with the idle air control system. It is supposed to increase the idle speed, in cold weather, or for other reasons, to prevent stalling.

100,000 miles should be no problem, but if you have any routine engine maintenance that’s behind Ford’s schedule, good idea to bring all that up to date before digging too deeply into what’s causing the stalling, b/c doing that might fix the stalling problem outright.