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Loud Engine and Idle

Hi! I have a 2002 Ford Focus and over the last year I have noticed the engine is slowly getting louder when driving at any speed-and there is also a lot of noise when stopped and idling. It seems more sluggish than it used to as well. Every once in a while the engine acts like its going to sputter out and quit when I’m idling, but it doesn’t actually stop.


#1 Is all the recommended maintenance up to date on your car? The stuff listed in the owner’s manual. How many miles on that Focus?

The car has almost 72,000 miles and I the only scheduled maintenance I could see other than oil/filter changes was to replace the cabin air filter and to Change automatic transmission/transaxle fluid on all vehicles equipped with AX4S,4F50N, 4R100, 4F27E ( but I’m not sure how to find out if that includes mine)
Other than that- I thought I might need a tune up- but that’s not scheduled until 100,000 miles.