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Stalling upon slow down

I have a 2000 ford explorer, SOHC 4.0L, 6 cyl. Randomly upon slowing down the truck will occasionaly shuudder and stall out. It will immediately start back up and run. At the next slowdown (usually when decelerating towards a stop at a stoplight) it may or may not repeat. I have not determined a pattern, other than we don’t trust the vehicle any longer. Does anyone have any ideas? We had it serviced, 130,000 miles, at the dealer to ensure there were no engine fault codes or other recall issues as well and it worked fine for about 1.5 months. Now its back again.

The torque converter may be failing to unlock. Since the problem is intermittent, diagnosis it is going to be a bit of a problem. When you start to feel the shudder, put the transmission into neutral.

Another common problem especially with Fords (based on posts in this forum) is a dirty idle air controller.

Especially, if it has been more than 30,000 miles since the automatic transmission fluid and filter have been changed, have that done. An A/T flush is NOT necessary.
Consider taking it to a transmission shop. The specialists know automatic transmissions better than a dealer’s mechanics.

If a little pressure on the accel pedal will keep it going, it is probably the IAC. Are you any good at two-footed driving?

it an idle air by-pass valve,this veh has no IAC, same as european models,make sure T/BODY is clean also