1995 Toyota Sienna

My Brother-in-law recently lent us his 1995 Toyota Sienna which had 196,000 miles. After returning it, he asked if we had any problems with it. We questioned why he thought we would have and he said that the vehicle was stalling at various times when the idle was low - i.e. at a stop light etc. This happened intermittently and his mechanic could not diagnose the issue. Other than this, the vehicle operates fine. Any suggestions?

Clean the throttle body and IAC. That alone clears up 90% of idle issues on high mileage engines.

Thanks Busted Knuckles!

I thought the Sienna did not come out until 1998…

It didn’t. Maybe it was a Previa or another year Sienna.

The Sienna came out in late 1997 as a 1998 model which replaced the mid-engined Previa. I think the OP just got the year wrong. I fully agree that cleaning or replacing the IAC will probably solve the issue with idling.