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1991 Accord Stalling


I have a 1991 Honda Accord with less than 80K miles on it, and it has been stalling a lot lately. On the highway, backroads, parking lot… you name it, I’ve stalled there. I took it to the Honda service center, they ran diagnostics, but couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Since it was there, I got a new battery and changed the fuel filter. It’s still stalling! Help!

My 92 accord stalled on me a few times and it turned out it was loose-fitting battery cables. For some reason the posts on the battery I’d gotten were too small for the clamps and the connection would break. I put a few pieces of lead in between the post and the clamp and that has worked for a few years.

I also have a 91 honda accord and had just about every problem you can think of including this one. It is going to be one of these: Idle is set too low, air filter is dirty and clogged (check by removing it for awhile), bad spark plugs or spark plug wires, loose connection to battery, bad alternator or alternator belt, or kinked exhaust pipe.