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Engine stalling

I have a 97 automatic Nissan Altima GXE 2.4 engine.

My car stalls, rpm gauge revs up really high and then engine goes off. I have to 2 different shops for the past month and so far had 3 different diagnostics for the cause of the problem. I have been without a car for 5 weeks since no one knows what the problem is.

When I drive for about 5-10 miles my car begins to stall, rpm gauge revs up (either driving or a stop sign) and then suddenly the engine goes off. I am able to restart after a couple of minutes drive for another 5-10 miles before the problem repeats itself.

The first auto shop I sent my car said my knock sensor was bad and so I paid $600 to have it changed. I picked the car up drove it for a day with no problem but the problem came back the following day.

I went back to the auto shop and after a week of wasting my time, they replaced my catalytic converter, spark plugs, distributor and rotor.

I picked the car up on a Friday, drove about 40 miles with no problem - before paying the mechanic $400. My car was parked at the garage over the weekend until I drove it on Monday and within 2 miles of driving from my home the problem came back. It stalls and then engine goes off but then I am able to start after a few minutes.

My car is now at a second shop ? cause of problem was oxygen sensors. They have replaced oxygen sensors but according to them the car stall when driven a few miles. They said computer is given the same codes although oxygen sensors were changed.

You guys are awesome ? any idea what the problem is?

Just a few suggestions:
I would check the fuel system, the fuel pressure, fuel filter, fuel pump functioning.
Try some fuel additives. If the oxygen sensor is measuring a lean mixture the symptoms are that there is not enough fuel.
You can try to replace the fuel filter your self, it takes a few minutes and it is very inexpensive.
I also would dump all fuel from the tank and flush it and put new fuel, perhaps someone put something into it?

Thanks for the advice. Any idea where the fuel filter is located? I tried fuel additives before it broke down the second time. Maybe I should have my fuel injection cleaned.

IMHO, I would be looking at the ignition system. I am assuming that the engine does not sound like it is reving at the same time. The tachometer (rpm gauge) is reading how many times there is a spark in a time period. So if the tach is going up that means there are multiple sparks being generated for each required event. The problem could be in the ignition coil, the ignitor, the crank sensor, or the cam sensor (unlikely).

Can the mechanics get this to happen in the shop? Hopefully, if they see the occurance they can put a scope on the ignition system and diagnose it more.

Hope that helps.

The engine sounds more like it’s about to go off. Sometimes stepping on the gas when it begins stalling helps to prolong the stalling but eventually engine goes off.
I am out of luck with all the mechanics I have come across.I mean they have all the gadgets yet no one seems to know. I just called the shop and now they think problem could be mass airflow sensor. If I am not carefull I will end up replacing all the parts only to find out problem is something minor.No more foreign cars for me.

Thank for your suggestion

Ok so I finally picked my Altima on Thursday from the shop. After replacing oxygen sensor and cleaning MAF sensor, car seem to be running okay except that every now and then when idling at a stop sign or traffic light it stalls and engine dies but can easily restart I am thing MAF needs to be replaced and hopefully that would be it for me

If the problem requires a 10-15 min cool down, your problem is heat related. Something in the ignition system is heating up and failing. Once it cools down, it will function again for a short time.

My experience with this problem has been with the electronic control module on a Ford Mustang. It’s basically the sending unit on the distributor, telling the coil when to fire, and all cars have something similar. Have it checked.

A knock sensor is a $50-100 part that can be replaced in 15 minutes. $600??? Find a better mechanic.