'03 Nissan Altima Stalls with no Rhyme or Reason

So for the last few months, my automatic altima has been stalling. I could be 1 mile into the drive, at about 30MPH and stall. I could be 1 hour into highway driving and it stalls. It takes anywhere from 2 minutes to 40 minutes to start up again. We have taken it to 4 different mechanics, including Nissn. No computer or person can figure out what is going on. Someone please help!

Could be the fuel pump relay. Could be the ignition switch, try wiggling the key and see if it stalls.

We have had the fuel pump and ignition switch checked. Doesn’t seem to be the problem. Thanks for the input!!

From what I’ve read, this is a known problem with this generation of Altimas (among other things).

One way to see what’s causing the problem is to carry a can of starting fluid with you. The next time it stalls (and you can get SAFELY off the road), spray some fluid down the intake and crank it over. If the engine starts and runs for a moment, then fuel delivery is being interrupted; if it still doesn’t fire, then the problem is lack of ignition (spark).

It’s important to know HOW it stalls. Does it stall suddenly? Does it stumble, or run rough, before it stalls?
Does the engine idle as smooth as…? Have you changed the spark plugs? Air filter?