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Stalling/losing power

I bought a 98 Honda Accord (6 cyl)this summer and for the most part, the car runs well. Every once in a while, though, about once a week or 2 weeks, it might lose power when I’m driving, and I have to start up or after shutting it off and coming back to the car, it has a hard time starting. It doesn’t ‘catch’, turn over. I will try several times or just wait a few minutes and then it will start. I took the car to a car repair shop, and was told they couldn’t know for sure what it was unless it did the same thing for them. They did a computer scan and my car was there for several days. Nothing was found. This is all new to me, since my cars before that were older, never had this problem. You told a good, honest mechanic the symptoms and they could usually fix it! I can not see any pattern to when it does this.

There are a couple of things to worry about with Honda’s. There is a master relay that can cause intermittent problems like this when they wear. Also, like most EFI cars, fuel pumps can fail like this. If the bearings in the pump wear, they may jam the pump momentarily, and pop loose again. A fuel pressure test may be able to sniff out a bad pump.