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1999 Honda Accord stalls

1999 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder 126k miles
When my car runs, it works very well. Sometimes, though, it stalls - just shuts off. When I try to restart it, it turns over, but immediately stops, almost as if it gets no gas. I keep trying, and eventually it starts, but it can take more than 30 tries. It has happened when the car is cold and when it is fully warmed up. It has happened while traveling at 10 MPH and while going 75 on the Mass Pike. It’s happened in warm weather and cold, while the sun shone and during rain storms. The car might run perfectly for 3 days, but then stall 4 times on my way home from work. This has been going on for more than a year, but has become much more frequent in the last couple of months.

Bad fuel pump relay.

The difficulty in diagnosing and fixing this, of course, is how intermittent it is. One suggestion was that the engine computer itself might need to be replaced, but that’s something that very rarely fails. So, would a fuel pump relay be faulty for so long (over a year) without dying completely? Is there a way to directly test the fuel pump relay, and would it show up as flaky even if the car is running at that moment? If not, and if the problem does not manifest, is there any way to run diagnostics over the entire electrical / computer system, looking for anomalies?

The most common suspects on something like this is an erratic fuel pump, main relay, ignition module, or the ignition switch. This is all assuming there are no computer codes present, etc.

This model is under a Recall for the ignition switch and a switch can quite possibly be the cause of this problem.
Call the Honda dealer, give them the VIN of the car, and they should be able to tell you in a minute if this Recall has ever been performed. If it has not then you can have it done free of charge as to both parts and labor.

There are also several other Recalls on this model of Accord so you should ask that any outstanding Recalls be performed at the same time. (These are also free of charge.)

Hope that helps.

Did you ever fix this issue with your honda? I have the same problem :frowning:

Escrow , if you get this reply you will get much better help by clicking on the NEW TOPICS button and put clear descriptions of your problems and what year , model and miles your vehicle has.

Very seldom do people respond to years old threads.

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