Stalling for years now



ok so here we go i have a 1985 toyota4x4 with a carbrated 22r motor with no ac and no smog pump factory.about 5 years ago i put in a new motor. It had to wait for me to get a enough money so it sat outside for about three months with the engine pulled. New motor got put in and the trouble begins.Since then it randomly dies, at the most 800 miles or so. Ive put a new distributer,2fuel pumps,fuel filters,blown out the fuel lines droped fuel tank to make sure everything was clean and it was,charcol canisters,coil,egr,rebuilt carb,o2 sensor,spark plugs wires,cap airfilter,and about everthing under the sun.when it dies i put it to the floor and it acts like its missing really bad.then i Open hood and ckeck site glass on carb and no feul in lens. wait about 2 or so min. then it starts runs and drives sometimes dieing right away sometimes not. any help would be much appreciated and Id rather not sell my problem to some one else,thanks for your help!


try loosing the gas tank cap could be a vapor lock. Might add a can of sea foam to the gas it makes my old 4 runner run much better. Could be a bad fuel pump. or a dirty fuel filter too.


thanks for reply I,recently replaced filters and pump ill try gas cap,but im not to stoked on living gas cap cracked for fear of dirt and mud.


You might try to look for a loose ground wire from the block to the frame or body. Do you check to see if you have fuel at the carb or spark to your plugs? One our the other or both may be happening.


If having the cap loose works, see if the tank vent line is clogged. It should run to the charcoal canister under the hood. If no vent line, try drilling a small 1/8" or smaller hole in the cap. This will prevent over-pressurizing.


Tighten/ replace the fuel hose between the gas tank, the fuel pump, and the carb. If the fuel filter is between the gas tank hose and the fuel pump, it could be sucking air. The fuel hose, especially at a connection, can suck air without leaking fuel. Check the fuel pressure with a Y-connection, with the engine running.