Stalling/dying at idel

I have a 1985 Toyota Tercel that I just got, the thing has been sitting for 2 years and it started before it was left to sit. Now I have done all the usual maintenance on it, replaced the sparks, oil, oil filter, air filter, distributor cap, fuel pump and fuel filter, gave it some gas treatment and filled the tank and some carb cleaner to clean out the gunked up carb. My problem is that it starts but dies right after when it tries to idle. it can shift in to gear and such but it will still die out right after about 10 seconds unless I keep tapping the gas. The more times I start it the longer it stays idle but I wonder what the problem is, does any one know what the problem could be?

I’d start with a carb rebuild. Bowl is probably badly gunked.

Possible choke problem as another thought.

the choke is riveted in so I can’t pull it out to adjust it, might have to start with a carb rebuild

When you do get this thing running make sure the tires are safe enough for highway speeds. Setting for two years I would replace them.