Stalling Car



My 2000 Maxima has started stalling at every stop light. I have to keep the engine revving so it doesn’t die. Lately it has started stalling while I’m driving. No mechanic can figure out what’s wrong. Everyone’s bewildered. What could it be?


I would go to a dealer if you haven’t already…the mechanics you’re trying arn’t working.


Possible fuel supply fault, perhaps a partially plugged fuel filter or faulty IAC valve.(Idle Air Control)


Ask around, of friends and acquaintances, for a reliable repair shop. Your car needs checks of the fuel pump pressure, of the idle air control valve, of the throttle position sensor, and a scan for diagnostic trouble codes. Your car can’t be fixed by relying solely on symptom based assumptions.


I would have the computer checked to see if there are any error codes stored. Some autopart stores will do this for free. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the exact error code like P0123 and post it as a reply to your message here.

Keep in mind those codes only point to a direction. They do not point out what needs to be replaced.